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23 January 2013 @ 02:37 pm
A Study on the Church of Christ  
"Most people just do not realize that New Testament truth is that simple, that plain, and that uncomplicated. The denominationalism that has gripped western civilization is so entrenched and so entangled in the minds of people that they seem to be unable to detach themselves from it, and to go back to the New Testament to get a clear conception of the New Testament church." -- page 53

This is the sort of thing that I had been personally looking for in my life, in my quest to find the way to God. I was from a Presbyterian background, with Episcopalian influences, and grew up in a Roman Catholic country. I'd been part of and visited many different denominations, before I found one that was not a denomination at all, but simply was 'the church', and that only followed biblical teachings, nothing else.